3 reigns

The Animal Kingdom

The first reign is the animal physics kingdom that allows us to define what our instincts are: physical action in our impulses and our emotional. Many men see only this animal appearance. They identify with this physicality, often in relation to the educational and social system. They take into account the judgment of others about their appearance, how they act or how they would like to act. They end up locked in this kind of relationship. As a result, they can no longer manage their own bodies. They are only a reflection of what is said of themselves and end up completely forgetting each other and living only through this animal side. They do not have the personal feeling that this body belongs to them and that it is up to them to direct their lives and make their bodies what they want it to be.

The Vegetable Kingdom

The second reign is the plant kingdom: our memory of which there are several types. Intellectual memory that is easily manipulated and manipulated because it is the result of the experience of others and not personal. It does not allow us to analyze our own experiences in order to evolve, but of what we are taught and asks to learn to manage our lives. This mind that we put too much forward prevents us from feeling in us our truth and how each event of life is experienced by us and not by what others would like us to live and thus be able to act accordingly in order to be able to learn from life. The plant is a mode of emission and reception. Like him, when we receive love, we flourish while in a hostile environment, we lock ourselves in and reactivity in the face of this external aggression.

This plant kingdom therefore has a great influence on us in the sense that the outside world has more impact on us than we would like. We must relearn to put feeling and not emotion to know who we are and what we want to be in life and thus become master of our destiny again. Dominating the plant with personal emotionalness for ourselves allows us to move forward.

The plant is managed by emotional memory called mineral.

The mineral kingdom

The third reign is therefore the mineral kingdom that really defines us about who we are and not what we think we are and this emotional memory is all we have been able to know and learn from the emotional. (For example, people waiting for Alzheimer's disease lose memory and retain only the emotional memory governed by the heart). In the mineral there are 3 tendencies: love, fear and balance between the two that allows to bring everything back to this balanced state.

We have forgotten that our memories are governed by emotional states instead of being emotional which causes us to lose the notion of good and love.  Being in the emotional, we are with a person without knowing whether we love him with the soul or with the mind. This makes our relationships with each other very chaotic: as soon as something goes wrong, we break everything and start from scratch by rejecting people when just before we said we loved them. One becomes hateful because this love/friendship was only emotional and not emotional.

I'm trying to bring back to people the awareness of these three reigns within us that are managed by the four elements: fire, which is the life force, water that is the fluidity, the air that is the expression and the earth that is the embodiment of our thoughts of our actions that become palpable and understandable to Other.