This is the journey of a Being that inspires our lives…

His experiences lived through his various professions, through simple or extraordinary encounters, his travels in matter and in multiple dimensions, his authenticity, his simplicity, his love of sharing make Jacques an exceptional man

Here’s a look at his teaching:

What I teach is a particular Druidism that allows each individual to discover that in there are three reigns:

  • The animal physics kingdom that allows us to define what our instincts are, our our behaviours and behaviours related to others and their expectations.
  • The Vegetable reign which is the personal memory but above all learned from the experience of others that cuts us off from our own feelings
  • The mineral kingdom that really defines us about who we are and not about what which we think is

These three reigns in us are managed by the 4 elements:

  • The fire which is the life force,
  • Water which is fluidity,
  • The air which is the expression
  • The earth which is the embodiment of our thoughts of our actions that become palpable and understandable to others.

These three reigns are governed by these four elements, which are placed in a very specific way so as to well live well and not create in us blocking masks from identification with our persona 

Through these teachings, I would like to teach you or relearn how to become Earthlings. We all live on earth, borders are fictitious, there is neither race or religion, we are all human. The first thing we should to do and become a human in us again so that we can better understand the other and accept it as it is. It is also necessary to learn how to communicate otherwise we will live in these worlds of conflicts of power and Handling.

I’ve known this land with a lot more people than today up to 8 times more and we we all live very happy. No malnutrition problems because wealth were evenly distributed. At present, more than 60% of our production that could make each of us live properly. But the world of money has been imposed upon us once again to manipulate ourselves and we to check. However we do not eat money; we only eat what you can buy with it. In the end, everything that exists would allow us to to live without that money that just passes from hand to hand. It is necessary relearn how to serve each other according to our abilities,  our means and knowledge and get richer of this sharing. It is necessary to realize that our true wealth is our knowledge and not our wealth. It is this sharing of knowledge that will be able to free us from money.