persona and blocking masks

The three reigns are governed by these four elements, which are placed in a very specific way so as to well live and not create in us blocking masks. We’re operating in a world where persona is created: the necessary appearance has a function has a Point. For example, we take the appearance of the worker in our place of adapting to society and the environment in which you are in order to be able to be able to accepted while remaining behind ourselves. If we’re too caught up in this job, that people instill in us too much a behavior that is not ours, we end up by creating a blocking mask: by believing that one is that appearance there and forget the rest. You end up living to work, not working to live.

The majority of leaders our society like to turn us into a robot and keep us in these blocking masks. To make us very professional people who devote solely to work by forgetting freedom and forgetting to Live. When they retire, they say they are thin I stop working I i’m nothing because I’m just this job. People then die quickly out of boredom and especially because they can no longer live.

Even in our homes, the child’s blocking masks resurface. The same goes for our friends, a different blocking mask faces these relationships, as well as when we take the car, we turn into a driver with also another blocking mask. We end up not knowing who we are by presenting different masks without ever showing us as we are. He told us that then you have to do a lot of work on us to feel things in us and ask us, “But who am I? what’s the real me behind these appearances. This work of internal awareness that we allows us to create these persona in our physical aspect, in our mental state and in the way of memorizing things, are things that belong to us. We should not give them to anyone but ourselves in order to keep integrity and total freedom.

In the way to function, we have a very important internal memory that defines everything what we see. So the pink color will make us think of the rose: this flower that everyone knows when we know that it can be as white or red but pink is more reminiscent of the flower than the color. We all have a memory that directs us into life. Today we are trying to manipulate us at the level of memory to get us to go into a common direction desired by our leaders and not in the chosen directions by everyone.

 It is time to realize that it is us who build this world. That elected officials should be on duty and not at the and they should be there to respect us because we are the ones who do them let’s put it in that position. So they have a duty to truly represent us and not lead us. They destroy our land and us with it because the power to supplant the respect we owe them and that they owe us. This reciprocity must be lived in us and by becoming aware of our memories we can react and show them how to become authentic again and leave those blocking masks presidents and ministers and show them that they are above all else that their function, that they are humans like us.

The 4 elements are important things that man must learn to feel before think of spiritual education and move on to subtle bodies. It is already necessary learn to manage your physical body well and be one in your corporality to to be able to build on it and then grow on solid foundations in the world energetic, astral or spiritual. If there is a child left in an adult body with his wrath, his tears and his sulk, he will not be able to move forward. It is necessary that he learns to become an adult in him so that his body is correlated with what it really is. Today when I look at the world, I see many male children (female children). I want to teach them how to become earthlings. We all live on earth, borders are fictitious, there is no has neither race nor religion, we are all human. The first thing we do should do and become a human in us again so that we can better understand to accept the other as it is. Until we understand that, and learned to communicate, we will be in these worlds of conflict or those who we lead only want power by using manipulation and creating wars to get rich and make us less numerous on this earth.