We’re not educing not to be but to be able to take a place in society

The system school is thus a manipulation that does not teach us to love what we learn but that forces us to do so by telling us that we have to go through to integrate us into society.

Today we must teach people to love what they learn. If we like what we learn, it will be emotionally kept in us and can serve us anytime in life.

The news alternating learning techniques make it possible to immediately set practice scans of the knowledge they have learned. The teaching is then who has become rich.  In the past, many of the knowledge learned was never exploited and the link between knowledge and concrete life was not done.

It is necessary now go beyond and teach people to know who they are and to what they’re made of. Indeed, we all have in us an emotional and emotional lying in the way. Thus, several personal criteria should be be taken into account in guiding students: is it sociable or not, will he work with others or alone, what are his tastes, what he likes see, colors, Is it rather manual or intellectual, vocal, or not, does he like nature or a closed environment… It is therefore important to determine who is the man who lives in this body in order to know in what domain he is gifted and will enjoy living. We forgot that for good you have to love what you do. Many do so out of necessity and not for the pleasure of offering one’s skills. It is necessary to reset this pleasure to work and offer each other our production Personal. It is therefore necessary to get to know each other as soon as possible, but its tools even if they already exist are not highlighted because the current system allows to manipulate us more easily by developing a more technological society than human. Technology increasing every day is becoming inaccessible to mortals whose human development is not proportional. thus some people are favoured at the expense of the majority. It is necessary return to an education that benefits everyone, by respecting ourselves and Nature. If you can respect your own body, you can respect nature and the rest.
This respect must be instilled very early on by learning our corporality, what we do with our bodies, what we feed it in order to to reappropriate the body because our destiny is created only by our state mental.  We are the ones who attract us all events. If we are sweet, we will attract sweetness, if we are restless, we will attract agitation. We are creators and responsible for our lives. Everyone else is there to serve us (not to enslave us) and teach us about ourselves.  The current society and education in us manipulating, transforming us into what we are not and pushing us to living in appearance: appearing and succeeding in life by forgetting to Live.

By relearning who we are and to live as us, we will grow and become adults with much less anger and childish behaviour. We will then be able to work together knowing where the limits of freedom of everyone in the communication and complementarity of knowledge.